What we believe

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What we believe is important to us

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Sound orthodox doctrine is important to us. Our pastors devote themselves continually to the study of the Bible, both formally and informally. We believe in the Father , Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Christ is the foundation of the church, the very epicenter of what we believe and our life long pursuit is to know Him better and become more like him. We are missional in the sense that we preach the gospel in order to see people transformed by Christ. We are apostolic in the sense that we are not independent , we partner with churches in our city , region and abroad. We believe a healthy church needs to be connected to the rest of the Church of Jesus Christ. We believe in the person and the workings of the Holy Spirit . In addition we believe that every believer is equally valuable to God and able to minister and grow spiritually . We have a strong leadership development culture among us. It is our sincere belief than any believer can mature and begin to lead others. The church is lead by a team of pastors who are good friends and hold each other accountable in ministry and in life.

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TemplateBible plus nothing, Bible minus nothing


FriendsWe are friends before we function


teamTeam leadership not one dictator


CovenantCovenantal relationships



AnnointingAnointing is essential

NationsNations are our inheritance

FamilyWhole church evangelism

vulnerabilityVulnerability and transparency in leadership




ReleasingLeadersLeaders are released

DrivenByFadsNot driven by new fads

generosityLiving debt free

Family2Family NOT organisational

FriendsFunctionSupernaturally natural

Bride ShoesBride preparation (Holiness)

guestpreachersWe don’t build on guest speakers


FlexibleFlexible, wild for Jesus but not weird

PriesthoodPriesthood of all believers